Upcoming Photo Tours & Workshops

Bangladesh Muslim Pilgrimage Photo Tour

Date: January 09-22, 2025, January 08-21, 2026
Price: USD 4000

The “Bishwa Ijtema” is the World Muslim Pilgrimage held in Bangladesh every year in January. More than 4 million Muslims gathered at the congress. 3 days-long activities of devotees traveling by overcrowded train, praying on the road, and others. In this expedition, you will explore Bangladesh’s riches Festivals, overcrowded Trains, people, daily life, and culture with amazing photography opportunities.

Semporna Water World Photo Tour

Date: April 19-28, 2023 & 2024
Price:$3100 USD

The Bajau people of Malaysia live their lives completely at sea, living in wooden huts and spending their days fishing.
The Bajau people fled the Philippines to Malaysia, but they were not allowed to settle because of their immigrant status.
So rather than return to their native country, they have decided to live their whole life in the ocean, similar to the 1995 film Water world which stars Kevin Costner.They live in wooden huts on stilts that they have built-in the crystal clear waters.

Burma & Golden Triangle Photo Tour

Date:  18- 31 January 2023 & 2024
Price:  3500 USD

Myanmar formerly known as Burma remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world and we welcome you to the golden land of pagodas, breathtaking natural beauties with friendly people of different ethnicities. In this expedition, you will explore the most iconic sites of Myanmar, its riches culture & tradition, tribal people & their life living with amazing photography opportunities.

India Holi Festival Photo Tour

Date: 26 February-11 March 2023,
15 March-28 March 2024 &
04 March-17 March 2025
Price: From $4000 USD

Holi, the festival of colors, is celebrated all around the world, but the biggest and most colorful gathering takes place in Mathura and Vrindavan of Uttar Pradesh, India. This is the only destination that witnesses an extraordinary vibrancy of culture & colors during this festive season. This itinerary not only drops you into the chaos of the action in the Braj region with an opportunity to capture stunning images, but you will also experience the widows Holi and Hola Mohalla in Amristar.

Vietnam Photo Tour

Date:  22-31 January 2023, 2024 & 2025
Price: From 3500 USD

Vietnam is one of the most interesting places for travel photography in the world. It’s the most vibrant culture with 54 colorful ethnic groups, natural beauties, traditional crafts, and friendly people made it one of the great photo destinations in the world.

Czech Republic Photo Tour

Date: October 17-27, 2021
Price: From 3200 USD

Photograph the top three highlights in Czech republic & Czech republic. Gorges of the Kamenice river, monumental Bastei Bridge and Pravčice Gate.