Xiapu Fishing & Yuangyang Rice Terrace Photo Tour & Workshop

Xiapu, the most beautiful beach in China, is located in the northeast wing of the West Bank of the Straits. Here, the green sea overflows with color, the beach is paved with gold, the mountains and mountains are overlapped with green fields and flowing with Dan. It looks like a bright pearl inlaid on the coast of the East China Sea. Xiapu beach is not divided into seasons. From spring to autumn, it can be photographed all year round. Xiapu’s sea will show different charm and sceneries, flat beach style, unique beach culture, unique people on the sea, infinite coastal scenery and unique regional characteristics and culture. It has become a photography holy land and paradise for photographers.

Yuanyang, the Yunnan province of China, the Hani people’s ancestors came to this mountain area about 2,500 years ago. They grew rice to make a living and they turned this mountain area into the artistic wonder of rice terrace. The UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee conferred China’s cultural landscape of Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, mainly in the Yuanyang region, onto the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List in 2013. Also explore Dongchuan Red Land where dreamy layered hues of red, gold and green colour the rolling landscape like an ethereal palette. These breathtaking and dramatic views in combination with the rich culture of this ethnically diverse region make Yunnan a must-see destination for any astute photographer.

Across these two weeks, join our award-winning, professional photography guides to explore the most beautiful places in China!

  • Tour Highlights

  • Xiapu beach scenery & fishing seedlings

  • Dongbi sandy beach sunset with fishermen

  • Yangjiaxi long floating net

  • Fishing net mending with traditional dress

  • Banyueli  ancient village of She nationality

  • Shajiang ‘S’Bay fishing zone

  • Xiaohao back-lighting beach with fishermen

  • Beiqi – South Bay circle net fishing

  • Birdseye view of Luoping Rape Flower.

  • World most beautiful rice terraces

  • Best view of rice terraces

  • Yuanyang, Honghe, and the surrounding region.

  • Yi  Ethnic peoples life and their traditional costume

  • Yuanmou Earth Forest  & Dongchuan red land

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Xiapu Fishing & Yuangyang Rice Terrace Photo Tour & Workshop

Let’s Discover the China Fishing & Rice Terrace

DAY 01: Arrival  Fuzhou, Xiapu.

The Photo Travel’s representative will greet you at the Fuzhou Changle International Airport then take you to the hotel for check-in. this day we are keeping for guest arrival so who has a long journey or will arrive late can take rest at the hotel. This afternoon Introduce with our Photo guide, Chen Furong and Mr. Yousuf Tushar then followed by your first photoshoot street photography on Xiapu city. A special Welcome Dinner & Enjoy the slideshow presentation by Chen Furong, interact with our photo master you will get more information and idea which will be helpful for your journey.

Photoshoot: Street Photography on Xiapu Town.
Meals included: Dinner. ( Local Luxury Restaurant)

DAY 02: Xiapu- Xiaohaoshan- Dongbi  

After breakfast gather at the hotel lobby in the morning and start shooting the beach scenery of xiaohaoxishan in the afternoon. It is one of the most classic shooting points of  Xiapu beach scenery, mainly shooting the working scenes of  shunguang sandy beach, sea breeding, fishing fry, etc. Then go to Dongbi to shoot the sunset. Xiapu “Dongbi” is close to the mountain and sea, with a wide view. It is an ideal scenic spot for shooting the sunset.

Photoshoot: Dongbi sunset and fishermen’s work at sea
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

DAY 03: Beidou – Shajiang  S-Bay – floating net – Xiaohao

Beidou village is located in the north end of “Dongchong peninsula” in Xiapu, where you can see not only sunrise but also the scene of fishermen returning with full load, as well as the scene of fisherman girls knitting and repairing fishing nets. Then go to shoot “s” Bay. Many bamboo poles inserted on the intertidal zone form beautiful lines, arranged on both sides of the “s” shaped channel, forming a perfect beach landscape. After lunch, go to shoot Yangjiaxi floating net. The fishermen hung the net on the river (the net is 30 meters long and flutters in the wind) with a myriad of the atmosphere. Then go to shoot Xiaohao backlighting beach. When viewing this beach mainly by backlighting, the streams flowing from the beach in the lens turn into winding beach arteries, shining with charming silver light.

Photoshoot: Yangjiaxi floating net, Xiaohao backlighting beach, “S” Bay and fishing girl weaving fishing net.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 04: Yangjiaxi – salt pan -mangrove

In the morning, go to yangjiaxi (banyan old ox) scenic spot, which is known as “the peach land of Haiguo” and “the little Wuyi in East Fujian”. In the afternoon, take photos of the sunset of the green hill bridge in the salt pan. The focus here is the fishing boat life with a rich cultural atmosphere. Several generations live by fishing and picking up shells. They live in simple boats for many years. A boat carries all the property of the family and leads a hard life of drifting on the sea. They are called “Gypsy on the sea”. There is a small mangrove forest on the beach near the village of erwan in the salt pan. It rises and falls with the tide, or exposes the beach or integrates with the seawater. In addition, it is decorated with bright fishing boats, which brings another flavor to Xiapu

Photoshoot: Rich in the cultural flavor of fishermen’s life, mangrove. The ancient village culture
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 05:Beiqi – South Bay – She ethnic group

In the morning, the fishermen set out to shoot the sunrise scene of Beiqi Beach in Xiapu. Xiapu Beiqi beach-the most beautiful beach in the eyes of photography friends is a beach called as a treasure land for photography by people in the photography circle at home and abroad, which is also a good scene for photography friends in Xiapu. In the afternoon, go to [South Bay ]to shoot beach lines and Seine net. Later, go to the ancient village of She nationality in the Banyueli to take pictures of the culture. There are relatively complete Ming and Qing architectures and traditional famous and popular costumes, which are called the first cultural village of She nationality in eastern Fujian.

Photoshoot: Beiqi beach sunrise, South Bay Purse Seine, She ethnic group with traditional folk costumes.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 06: Bambusa albo-lineata -Yangjiaxi – kunming

There is a large beach, connecting the sky is very spectacular, it is a very good photo spot for shooting sunrise and sunset on the beach. Then we will go to Yangjiaxi rural village where village people going to work with their cattle Spectacular photoshoot on farmers in the and amazing sunshine ray on the way. After lunch start to Yunnan by flight.

Photoshoot: Bambusa albo-lineata sunrise, yangjiaxi farmers on sun ray, Millennium banyan maple forest.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 07:  Luoping: A Gorgeous Sea of Yellow

In early spring, the county of Luoping in China turns golden when the rapeseed or canola flowers bloom across thousands of acres of farmland. As well as attracting plenty of photographers. Get up early and go to the Luoping rape flower base to shoot. Enjoy the shock of the rape flower base here, and shoot the sunrise in the Luoping Jinji peak cluster. Jinji peak is a magical and beautiful Luoping peak forest, which is the core scenic spot of peak forest. Here, the mountain is connected with mountains, endless and endless, and the peak love is vast. Under the sunlight, the cone-shaped mountain peaks, the imposing momentum of thousands of passes, the deep Zhangyou ravines, and the long sky like dye will surely make you feel your soul floating and relaxed. Therefore, it has become a treasure of land and hot land for photographers at home and abroad.

Photoshoot: Luoping rape flower base, Jinji peak cluster, shooting sunset. Jinji peak is a magical and beautiful forest of Luoping peak clusters.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 08: Luoping – Yuanyang Bada Terrace Sunset

Get up early and go to Yuanyang Qingkou terrace to shoot the morning light, and then go to the largest and most beautiful terrace in China, the Yuanyang Terrace Scenic Spot with rich Hani and Yi customs. That’s the best shooting point for sunset. You will also explore Leyu Village Guidong Rice Terraces, Baohua Village Samaba Rice Terraces, Yangliu Rice Terraces and Jiayin Village Lvshuge Rice Terrace.

Photoshoot: Qingkou terraces sunrise, malizhai tea factory terraces, the sunset and the surrounding villages are photography in Bada terrace, which is rich in Hani and Yi ethnic customs.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 09: Yuanyang, Honghe, Duoyishu, Aichun, Cloud and Laohuozui terrace

Early morning start to the best place for sunrise Duoyishu terraces to shoot sunrise. Its early morning is also a dynamic landscape painting with extreme beauty. The village of Duoyishu, which looms under the misty rain and fog, is a dream fairyland in reality. After the shooting of Duoyishu go to Aichun to shoot the Blue terraces, and then get in bus to the Cloud terrace of chuzhai to continue to take in-depth photos of the beautiful terraces, which were carried out according to the travel time of the day. In the afternoon, then to Laohuozui terrace to shoot the sunset, and on the way to Quanfu village terrace, which was called the most magnificent rural scenery in the world by American photographers. Tiger mouth is another miracle that Yuanyang brings to the world..
Photoshoot: Duoyishu terraces sunrise, Aichun blue terraces, puzhuzhai Yunwu terraces and Laohuzui terraces sunset and little-known villages.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 10: Yuanyang – Yuanmou Langbapu Forest

Get up early and go to langbapu forest in Yuanmou to shoot the sunset. The earth forest in Yuanmou is a wonderful natural wonder in China and even in the world. After millions of years of crustal movement, the God of wind and rain carved Yuanmou’s land into strange shapes. Therefore, it has attracted many photographers, geologists and well-known directors to come to visit and take pictures. The films shot here include “Wuji” and “riding alone for thousands of miles”. Further, in these three days, we will explore several villages in Yuanyang and photographing the life of Yi people. Yi people are the 7th largest ethnic minority group in China and it is common for the Yi women dress in their traditional costume. End of the day you will enjoy the special farewell dinner and review your images by Yousuf Tushar.

Photoshoot: Shooting sunset light and shadow and natural wonders in langbapu earth forest, Yuanmou.
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner.

DAY 11: Dongchuan Red Soil Land

Get up early and shoot the morning light along the way, and then go to the music score concave, Splendid garden and Sunset Valley in Dongchuan red land. If there is one word that best captures Dongchuan Red Land, it must be palette. It is such an amazing spectacle that you can never imagine if you have never been there. It is like God knocked over his palette, dropping heavenly paint, which makes Dongchuan such a stunning masterpiece. Red, green, white and yellow is matched into rolling rainbow ribbons stretching to the sky. Yunnan’s Red Soil Land is believed that it is the world’s most imposing and magnificent land of its kind, even more, spectacular than that in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. This land is becoming one of the most beloved paradises by photography fans from all over the world.

Photoshoot: The spectacular scenery of red earth in Dongchuan
Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

DAY 12: Red Land-Kunming- Departure

Get up early and go to the red soil Splendid garden or Sunset Valley for sunrise shooting. Take photos along the way, then go to Kunming to finish the photography  After lunch start at to Kunming airport and goodbye. We hope your unforgettable memories call you again to this land and show up your Chinese great images.

Meals included: Breakfast.

Learn post-processing like a pro

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Our photography expeditions are not only a simple photo trip it’s a photography workshop. Whether you are a beginner, keen amateur or professional photographer we want you to get the best possible pictures on every our tour. Each of our participants will get the right infield guidance from understanding all camera settings, creating outstanding compositions, perfect exposer on the different light conditions, developing a personal style to finalizing ideas in image editing software.
We also put emphasis on Image Post-Processing which is extremely important nowadays. We will hold post-processing panels where we will teach you the workflows in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and some additional plug-ins we use to make your pictures stand well apart from the rest. We will try to allow enough time for you to post-process your pictures while on the tour, and hopefully, you will go home with your prime shots ready for the showcase.

You will learn how to

  • Organize your photos efficiently and speed up your workflow
  • Develop RAW files with Lightroom and Photoshop and apply initial adjustments
  • Use the selection, sharpening and retouching tools properly
  • Blend multiple exposures in Lightroom and Photoshop using various techniques (HDR, luminosity masks)
  • Stylize your images to give them your own artistic signature
  • Apply various image effects… and much more

Xiapu Fishing & Yuangyang Rice Terrace Photo Tour & Workshop

What is Included & Excluded in the Price


  • English Speaking Professional Photographer Guide.

  • Hotel Accommodations (3-star).

  • Speed Boat for Semporna Islands

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • Available Drinking-Water bottles.

  • Local transport by Car

  • Local Flight
    Xiapu – Kunming


  • International Flight.
  • Visa fee.
  • Personal cost & laundry services.
  • Gratuities for Photo Guides, and drivers.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Equipment and baggage insurance.

Yousuf Tushar,   Tour Leader

Tushar is a Travel & Art photographer as well as writer, organizer, and judges of National & international photography competitions. He has years of experience guiding photo tours & workshops.  He has excellent knowledge about perfect places to capture a photo of every best view of Xiapu fishing zone and Yuangyang rice terraces. He loves to help hands-on experience in a Creative learning environment while out in the field, and he absolutely loves leading photo tours! Since 2000 he has been working full-time professional photographer, over this time he has traveled to many countries as a travel photographer. His works published in Times UK, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Forbes magazine, BBC, National Geographic, Daily Mail, Sunday Post, Express UK, The Sun, The Atlantic, USA Today, and renowned international photo agencies. His photographs exhibited in different international photo exhibitions in Asia, Europe & USA. He has owned more than a hundred National & International prestigious photographic awards including HPA-UNESCO china, Emirates photo contest, Asahi Shimbun Japan, United Nations IYC Singapore, People & Planet Australia, PX3 Paris, CBRE Urban photographer of the year, Link Lady, SIENA International, A Photo Reporter, New York-Manhattan, celebrating Life Bangladesh and numerous FIAP & PSA patronage Award.
Presently he is the Secretary-General & FIAP Liaison officer of Bangladesh Photographic Society. More Details about him

Chen Furong,   Local Photo Guide

Chen Furong is the most experienced and talented Travel photographer born in Xiapu.
He is a National Senior Photographer Member of the Chinese Photographers Association (CPA) and Vice Chairman of Xiapu Art Photography Association. Last 20 years he has been working on Xiapu’s culture, Fishing & People. He has extraordinary experience on photography in Xiapy that he will share with you and guide you on how to capture the best images in your Xiapu photo trip. He will make flexible adjustments according to local weather and scene conditions for photographers to take great pictures. As a renowned photographer who was born and raised in Fujian, he not only had a deep sense of Fujian folk customs and culture but also deep achievements. His works have won many awards internationally and domestically.

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